How can we help you?

Hi, I’m Matthew, owner here at kbc. We’re a bunch of nuts who believe people and businesses can do good in the world. Imagine that shit, right? We built kbc to help businesses doing good stuff to get better results so they can (get this) do more good stuff!

Marketing and sales can be a huge pain in the ass (or arse – we love all the good people of the world) so we help you set up simple, powerful, predictable pipelines to keep business flowing smoothly. We do it based on two simple principles and then use a bunch of different frameworks to manage the complexity, time-suck, and downright horror that is online marketing so you can automate and leverage your business.

Better Business Makes a Better World.
We help you improve business results so you can make a bigger positive impact. Our services break down into giving you clarity, focus, a plan, and a hand (and yes, that was a freakin’ Oxford comma – I said clarity).

The Two Principles:

  1. Business and revenue is about getting the right people to trust you to help them. The best way to earn trust is to understand and become part of the story that your customer is telling themself and experiencing.
  2. Seth Godin outlined a simple philosophy that there are three types of revenue worth caring about. We focus all resources on these.


The Three Revenues:














When you gain the ATTENTION & TRUST of your prospects you’ll win good BUSINESS and, with happy customers, earn REFERRAL. That’s a virtuous cycle – allowing you to build the high-impact business you and your team can be proud of. All of our programs, tools, and advice focus on fundamentals through the lens of increasing these three revenues using the best strategies and tools from all over the vast world of online business, but especially using the power of WELL-CRAFTED STORY to move people.



No matter how much you know about the bits, bobs, and doodads of online business you’re still in the people business. Knowing how to meet your customers and join the story they’re telling themselves and then guide them to a better place is essential to your continued success. As we mentioned earlier we give you Clarity, Focus, a Plan, and a Hand so you can take business by the balls and make it do your bidding for the good of the world.
Clarity & Focus
The first step is to know where you are and where you want to go. We research your customers and complete comprehensive audits of existing marketing & sales systems, from PPC to lead magnets to conversion events to follow-up, then provide our analysis and consult with you to determine where you should focus efforts to gain the results you're after.
A Plan
Once we know exactly where you are and where you're going you'll need a much more detailed map. Everything from design to choice of tools to implementation to testing to revision and updating, plus standard operating procedures for all of the above, need to be properly mapped and understood up front to minimize expensive surprises and mistakes down the line. You'll know who's doing what when and how to hit your targets.
A Hand
Whether you're the CEO or Head of Marketing, when you need help implementing, managing and updating your plan we're here for you! You've got shit to do and our offer is simply to save you time, energy, stress and money while helping you increase the 3 Revenues and strengthen relationships and trust with your customers. Pretty simple for you.

Your Next Step

So now that you know what we can do for you, the next step is for us to have a 10-minute conversation so that you can get clear on exactly what you need. It's quick, no pressure, and at the end we'll let you know if we can help or where else you can get the help you need. Simple. Clear. Easy. Click here to connect with us.